Color and Form

Published by Niggli Editions

ISBN: 9783721208658


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This memo-game is based on a very special concept: the colors follow the format used in Johannes Itten’s color theory: red for a square, blue for a circle, yellow for a triangle, orange for a trapezium, green for aspherical triangle, and purple for an ellipse. The colors are shown with the corresponding form, which increases their specific impression. Futhermore, each color is present in six different nuances; this increases the perception of the color tones and supports the creative process of finding the new names to specify the individual forms. As the cards are turned over new color contrasts are revealed; these can also be used to intensity knowledge of color theory. Thus, these cards must not just be used for playing the memo-game, they can also be used for inspiration and for experimenting with different color combinations, series and tones.


Publisher: Niggli Editions
Author: Farbbüro Isler and Bader
Format: Softback
Language: English
Number of pages: 72
Dimensions: 6,1×6,1x10cm
Publication date: January 2014
ISBN-10: 372120865X
ISBN: 9783721208658