Dinner with Dalí

Published by Thames & Hudson

Piece together the artists, artworks and surroundings that bring Frida Kahlo’s world to life in this colourful 1000-piece puzzle.

A giant grasshopper, an anteater and an ocelot named Babou – they’re not your usual dinner guests. Put down your lobster telephone and experience the magic of Salvador Dalí in this 1000-piece puzzle. Join Meret Oppenheim, René Magritte and a kaleidoscope of butterflies as you piece together the artists, artworks and surroundings that bring this surrealist dream to life.

When you’ve done the 1,000-piece puzzle, take a peek inside the lid, where you’ll find 25 interesting facts to discover. For example, did you know that Dalí designed the Chupa Chups logo? Or that he once packed 500kg of cauliflower into a Rolls Royce? Both fun and informative, this puzzle is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of one of history’s most idiosyncratic artists.


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Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Illustrator: Iratxe López de Munáin
Format: Puzzle
Language: English
Dimensions: 28x28cm
Publication date: 19 January 2022
ISBN: 9781760761950

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