Athens Laundry

Published by Dolce

Is it possible to map an area through the laundry hanging out to dry? What information do these washed up clothes provide about life in the less famous neighborhoods of Athens’ city center? How many residents would accommodate an artwork on their balcony during quarantine? Do art projects in neglected areas matter? Is Victoria Square pretty or dodgy?

These are some of the questions that are explored in the billingual (english-greek) publication Athens Laundry Μπουγάδα, a book about the digital art project of the same name which appeared on social media in 2020, capturing ropes, clothes pegs and laundry hanging, in an attempt to document life in the Athenian neighborhoods of Patission Westside and evolved into an “art game”, with the support of neighbors and the participation of nine representatives from the local contemporary art scene: Irini Bachlitzanaki, Marina Velisioti, The Callas, Sofia Kouloukouri, Eleanor Lines, Iris Plaitakis, Marilia Kolibiri, Maria Varela and Theodora Malamou.


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Publisher: Dolce
Number of pages: 80
Dimensions: 14x21cm
Language: English / Greek
ISBN: 978-618-5836-00-9

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