Fortytwomagazine #6 — Beliefs

Published by Slanted Publishers

It’s impossible not to believe. We all have a view of the world that is reflected in our beliefs. “I believe that” is what we say when we express our opinion. And when someone expresses views that are too far removed from our own values and worldview, we don’t believe them. But that doesn’t mean that beliefs are immutable. Our point of view can change. And similarly, a belief can change us. Did you know that a belief can affect how we perceive pain and that we believe different things depending on whether we are speaking our native language or a foreign language? The 6th issue of fortytwomagazine is on the topic of belief and presents ten scientific perspectives and one artistic angle—this time coming from the artist Daria Chernyshova.


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Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Language: English / German
Number of pages: 152
Dimensions: 16x24cm
Release: September 2023
ISBN: 978-3-948440-51-0

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