Harvest Tablecloth

Artwork by Amalia Zachou

Dive into the feast of colors with our “Harvest” tablecloth by Redy.! Measuring 150x150cm, it’s a vibrant canvas that turns every meal into a garden party. Illustrated with a veggie patch of delights, dining becomes a playful adventure. Tomatoes, carrots, and peppers dance across this lively tablecloth, transforming your table into a harvest of joy. Designed by our partner Amalia Zachou, it’s not just a tablecloth; it’s a celebration of every meal in a kaleidoscope of garden-fresh hues. Let the Harvest begin!


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Type: Waterproof Tablecloth
Dimensions: 150x150cm
Material: 100% Microfiber 200g/m2
Designed & Produced in Greece by Redy.

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