Hegarty on Advertising

Published by Thames & Hudson

If the future is going to be creative, then Hegarty on Advertising points you in the right direction. Written by one of the world’s legendary advertising men, this best-selling book contains five decades’ worth of wisdom from the man behind hugely influential campaigns for brands such as Levi’s, Audi, Boddingtons and Lynx. In this new and improved edition John Hegarty reveals what lies behind a great idea and effective advertising, the ingredients of a successful brand, the right way and the wrong way to run and launch an advertising agency, why you should always question the brief, the art of pitching to a potential client, the central role of storytelling in advertising, the impact of new technology in a rapidly evolving industry, and the importance of dealing with succession. And if that isn’t enough, read the final chapters on winemaking and The Garage Soho, a startup incubator that he has co-founded, to find out what happens when an advertising man becomes the client and has ideas sold to him.


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Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number of pages: 244
Dimensions: 22,9 x 16,6 cm
Publication date: 115 February 2024
ISBN: 9780500296967

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