Organic Super Nourishing Soap

Produced by Foekje Fleur

Hey there, parents and sensitive skin pals! Meet your new Organic Super Nourishing Soap! This soap is like a warm, gentle hug for your delicate skin, and it’s perfect for babies, kids, and anyone with sensitive skin. Made with mild extra virgin olive oil, this soap is packed full of nourishing goodness that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and oh-so-loved. And the best part? It’s completely vegan and free from any harsh chemicals or irritants, so you can trust it to be gentle on your skin every time you use it. Remember to avoid contact with the eyes, but if it happens, no worries! Just rinse with water and everything will be okay. And after use, be sure to store your Organic Super Nourishing Soap in a dry place to keep it fresh and ready for your next use.


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• Certified organic
• Handmade
• Cold processed
• Natural ingredients
• Biodegradable
• Plastic-free
• Vegan
• Not tested on animals
• Palm oil-free
100 gram / 9,3 x 5,2 x 2,1 cm

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