Ouroboros Calendar

Designed by Michael Christodoulou

Introducing the Ouroboros Calendar – the ultimate time-management tool that transcends traditional calendars. Inspired by the ancient symbol of the ouroboros snake, this calendar is unlike any other, designed to be used year after year, without any restrictions.

The Ouroboros Calendar embodies the idea of cyclical time, where there is no beginning or end, but rather a continuous loop of time. This concept allows you to manage your time in any way you desire, without being constrained by the boundaries of a traditional calendar. Whether you’re planning a year-long project, a travel itinerary, or simply trying to keep track of your daily schedule, the Ouroboros Calendar offers a flexible and fluid approach to time management.

The design of the Ouroboros Calendar is both sleek and functional. The circular shape is reminiscent of the ouroboros snake, with the months arranged in a clockwise pattern, allowing you to easily track the passing of time. The days of the week and dates are clearly marked, with enough space to jot down important notes and reminders.



Dimensions: 59x84cm
Colour: Magenta on Pink/ Orange on Pink/ Green on Pink/ Purple on Pink

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