The Avaris Tea

Produced by Sparoza

Welcome to The Avaris Tea (loose leaf), a blend of herbs, flowers, and roots that will enhance your focus and mental clarity, and create a refreshing and tonic infusion. The name “Avaris” is inspired by Apollo’s priest and powerful healer, who had the ability to travel all over the world in an instance on his golden arrow.

Brew a cup of The Avaris Tea and feel the ancient power of healing flow through your body. This unique blend of natural ingredients is carefully selected to help you stay focused and alert, whether you’re working, studying, or just need a mental boost. The herbs and roots in this tea have been used for centuries to improve cognitive function and reduce fatigue, while the flowers add a delicate and soothing touch.

The Avaris Tea creates a distinctive and revitalizing taste that will transport you to the world of ancient healing. Sip on this tea to boost your concentration and mental clarity, and feel the power of the golden arrow coursing through your veins.


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