The Neubad Plakat

Published by Slanted Publishers

In the Swiss province, at the foot of picturesque mountains, on a quiet lake, a biotope of avant-garde design has formed. The self-proclaimed “Poster Town” Lucerne has managed to merge the boundaries between art and design, creating a contemporary design phenomenon in the process. We are talking about the posters for the Neubad Cultural Center, which have long since found their way out of the valley and all over the world. The posters, in minimalist black and white, not only set contemporary design trends, but playfully transcend the boundaries of our perceptual habits. Progressive illustration and experimental typography create subcultural codes on a highly cultural level that remain unpretentious despite their artistic daring.


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Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Language: English / German
Number of pages: 592
Dimensions: 12x16cm
ISBN: 978-3-948440-49-7

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