Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Published by Niggli Editions

Josef Müller-Brockmann (1914−1996) studied architecture, design and history of art in Zurich and worked as a graphic designer and teacher. His work is recognized for its simple designs and his clean use of fonts, shapes and colors, which still inspires many graphic designers throughout the world today. Since the 1950s grid systems help the designer to organize the graphic elements and have become a world wide standard.

This volume provides guidelines and rules for the function and use for grid systems from 8 to 32 grid fields which can be used for the most varied of projects, the three-dimensional grid being treated as well. Exact directions for using all of the grid systems possibe presented are given to the user, showing examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. Or simply put: a guidebook from the profession for the profession.


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Additional Information

_ one of the most important books in the field since over 30 years
_ comprehensive overview of grid systems
_ exact directions and instructions
_ covering all grid systems that are needed
_ made by a professional for professionals


Publisher: Niggli Editions
Author: Josef Müller-Brockmann
Format: Hardback
Language: English, German
Number of pages: 176
Dimensions: 21x30cm
Publication year: 1996
ISBN: 9783721201451

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