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_About the renaissance of analog printing
_Profound introductory overview
_Focus on contemporary Risography culture
_With many visual examples

The Risograph printer is at the forefront of a new creative explosion. More and more artists and designers all over the world are rediscovering this stencil duplicator for themselves, sparking a unique and unexpected renaissance in analogue printing. And Risography is just the most prominent technique in a new wave of cutting-edge contemporary design, one that is also recuperating forgotten technologies such as the Gestetner and the mimeograph.


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“Risomania” is the first book to document and discuss this groundbreaking global scene, looking at the history, present and future of the Riso, as well as featuring a range of artists, design studios and print shops who use it. At the heart of the volume are fabulous, hugely diverse examples of Riso-printing, including postcards, magazines, posters, flyers, and experimental printed products, all of which inspire through vivacity of colour, unique textures and, above all, the perfectly imperfect authenticity of Risography.


Publisher: Niggli Editions
Author: John Z. Komurki
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Number of pages: 232
Dimensions: 20,5×25,5cm
Publication date: March 2017
ISBN: 9783721209662

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