La Funambule Sur le Fil d’une Tendre Géométrie

Published by Fotokino

This book reviews Sabine Finkenauer’s most recent series and was published on the occasion of her exhibition at Studio Fotokino in June 2021. Born in 1961 in Rockenhausen (Germany), Sabine Finkenauer practiced sculpture for a long time before expanding her work to other media, especially since 1993, when she moved to Barcelona. The forms that Sabine Finkenauer invents have the simplicity of the essential and the grace of insouciance. She draws on paper, paints on canvas, makes collages or sculptures, where colors, constructions and rhythms intersect, sometimes evoking architectural structures, familiar objects or plant structures without ever designating them with certainty.


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Publisher: Fotokino
Language: English / French
Number of pages: 76
Dimensions: 16,5x21cm
ISBN: 978-2-902565-12-2

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