Palette Mini Series 02: Multicolour

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Palette Mini Series 02: Multicolour – New rainbow-hued graphics

viction:ary’s original PALETTE colour-themed series has been one of the most sought-after references for designers around the world. Each edition has formed the basis of a classic collection that continues to be relevant and reliable through the variety of compelling concepts and visuals featured. In keeping with the ever-changing demands of creative practitioners today, we are introducing the PALETTE mini series – redesigned in a convenient size for instant inspiration. Packed with style and substance like their predecessors with the addition of several new projects, they serve as an instrumental and timeless sources of inspiration.


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Colours have the ability to elicit a broad range of emotions and responses; forming a powerful and accessible language that can transcend all sorts of communication barriers. PALETTE mini 02: Multicolour takes a look at 110+ creative projects from around the world that feature an infusion of hues in clever ways to engage viewers and evoke distinct emotions.


Publisher: viction:ary
Editor: viction:ary
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number of pages: 672
Dimensions: 10,6×14,8cm
Publication date: January 2020
ISBN: 9789887903482

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